Data Warehousing

Deploy data storage solutions to empower your analytics and visualisation needs.

ServisCo offers a wide range of services relating to data warehousing with a team of experts ready to set up best practice processes to address your analytics and visualisation needs.

Data Model Design

The first step in building a data warehouse is to set up an appropriate foundation. ServisCo supports your requirements with a data model design that utilises best practices to manage incoming data, as well as provide support for any specialised processing and data visualisation that your business may require.

DWH Build/Migration

Whether you are looking to migrate your data from an existing data warehouse or to create one from scratch, our team can help. We specialise in setting up data warehouses optimised for your organisation’s requirements, migrating your data securely and implementing your data transformation and visualisation processes.

Data Mart Consolidation

Consolidating marts into a data warehouse can assist in the reduction of cost associated with owning redundant software, hardware processors and storage as well as unnecessary processes. Our experts can help you consolidate marts into data warehouses saving money, time, and other valuable company resources.

DWH Ops and Management Strategy

A data warehouse needs to be managed around-the-clock to ensure that it continues to perform optimally. ServisCo offers state-of-the-art DWH Ops and management strategies to help you get the most out of your data warehouse.