Data Governance

Defining what can be done with which data, when and how.

Data governance is when, as a means of achieving its data goals, an organisation establishes standards, roles, processes and policies tracked by metrics. It involves setting up the rules about who can take what actions on the data, when and how it will be done. Essentially, setting responsibility for the security and quality the organisation’s data. Data Governance is supported by a number of key processes such as:

Master Data Management

The quality of your master data assets directly affects the ease with which your organisation can extract value for your data. Our Master Data Management solutions help you streamline and speed up this process. Our MDM services ensure that all your data is uniform, accurate and consistent. Our team is experienced in this technology-enabled discipline and works to bring business and information technology sectors together to help you properly govern your master data assets.

Data Lineage

To extract the maximum potential from your data, you need to know and understand its journey. ServisCo’s data lineage service allows you to discover data and trace it back to its point of origin. This process not only provides you with a clear means of understanding the interactions between aspect of your data, it can also assist in resolving operational issues and identifying errors.

Metadata Services

Data can have several sources, and ServisCo offers Metadata services, a forum for sharing and publishing metadata. This can serve as a repository for all your metadata, allowing you to access it whenever you need it. Moreover, all this data can help you restructure your processes and categorically store your data.